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The secret to successful website marketing is selecting the partners able to develop solutions tailored specifically to your needs.

Website marketing is a diverse, rapidly changing field that requires a thoroughly competent and highly skilled team of professionals.

Complete-Net is a partnership of web professionals that brings together several companies specializing in various areas of internet marketing under one roof to service ThomasNet customers.

Our clients benefit from our ability to provide custom solutions based on our experiences, which encompass a wide range of disciplines.

Site-Seeker Inc.
Internet marketing, website development and website design

Aarvis LLC
Email marketing products and services

Advertising and public relations
Aarvis LLCis a Central New York software firm that provides personalized email marketing products and services to businesses of all sizes. Retaining existing customers and ensuring they are kept current with information about their businesses is a much easier task than trying to obtain “New” clients. With the ability to send email campaigns, even if you have little or no technical capabilities, you can now track and monitor who opens your campaigns and who is interested in the contents you provided. By monitoring your customers’ habits and interests, you can stay ahead of the curve in servicing them to the fullest extent. Your customers will be excited to receive the relevant information you send because they will know you are paying attention to their needs.

Aarvis services include:

  • Campaign Intelligence
    • Web Based Email Marketing and Electronic Invoicing
      (Log in to your account via any internet connection)
    • Tracking and Reporting
      • Track and report who opens your campaign.
      • Track and report the links clicked on within a campaign.
      • and report people who unsubscribe.
    • Follow Up Marketing
      • Create a remarketing campaign that targets people who opened your campaign.
      • Create a remarketing campaign that targets people who clicked on links about specific information within your campaign.
    • A/B Testing
      • Create an A/B testing environment wherein you send multiple versions of your campaign to your list of clients and see which campaign achieves the best results.
    • Security
      • Instead of uploading all of your valuable client data, you can keep it safe and secure on your network by simply connecting to the data when you are ready to send. Now, you don’t need to upload all of your data onto an unfamiliar network.
    • Cost Effectiveness
      • The cost for sending campaigns can be as little as $99/month.
      • NO CONTRACT = NO RISK (With month to month billing, there is no risk of being locked into an Annual Contract).
  • XMS
    • XMS is a JAVA-based email server/MTA. This server eliminates the need for companies to purchase multiple servers for email campaigns. XMS has the ability to deliver up to 1 million emails per hour and has been designed to meet the individual deliverability requirements of any single Internet Service Provider to whom you are sending mail.
According to Richard Lanpheare, CEO of Aarvis, "The most important consideration in business is top quality customer service. At a time when human-to-human communication is diminishing, Aarvis strives to bring an 'old school' priority, i.e., staying in touch with your clients, back to business. The days of pressing zero to speak to a person must come to an end."

At Aarvis, we do everything in our power to make sure a relationship is established with each company that reaches out to us, no matter where you are in the email marketing life cycle. Whether we are providing information to a company that is researching email marketing or following up with a client whose email campaign is running smoothly and happily, we ensure the same service and respect for everyone.

CONTACT US at www.aarvis.com….We’re changing the face of email marketing!

Aarvis LLC, 8375 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford, NY 13413
315 292 7246, rlanpheare@aarvis.com